Electra-Pro Ink

Professional Tattoo Ink – Gamma* Processed for Safety from UNIMAX and Now available at Sebi Tattoo supplies! *How does gamma irradiation work? Gamma irradiation damages any DNA and other cell structures present in the ink by electron disruption at the molecular level
causing the death of an organism or inability to reproduce. The process does not leave residuals, does not act as a preservative, nor does it impart radioactivity to the ink. Ink does not become “radioactive”. The irradiation of the ink has no residuals effect on the body.
Electra-Pro is a NEW Proprietary Formula
designed to Fly-In the skin: Bolder, Brighter, Blacker, Whiter.
No slaving over the skin to get it in.

Electra-Pro Ink 30ml: 2.700Ft
Electra-Pro Ink 60ml: 5.000Ft
Electra-Pro Ink color sets (35x30ml): 85.000Ft
Electra-Pro Ink color sets (35x60ml): 165.000Ft

Color Availability: Baby Blue, Cornflower Blue, Winter Blue, Electra Blue, Deep Blue Sea, Blueberry, Teal, Dark Teal, Seafoam Green, Leaf Green, Dark Green, Light Lime Green, Camo Green, Forest Green, Sunshine Yellow, Dandelion Yellow, Gold Rush, Yellow Ochre, Bright Orange, Dark Orange, Peach, Sundown Orange, Burnt Sienna, Light Red, Fire Engine Red, Big Apple Red, Brick Red, Terra Cotta Red, Pomegranate, Princess Pink, Flamingo Pink, Coral Pink, Cool Pink, Lilac, Orchid, Concrete Grey, Velvet Purple, Lavender, Amethyst, Purple Rain, Cream Beige, Brown Beige, Coco Powder, Chocolate Brown, Grizzly Brown, Blizzard White, Mixing White, Vintage White, Solid Black, Outline Black.

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