Ink Machines Stingray rotary

We are proud to present the Stingray tattoo machine. The goal to create a tattoo machine that can make lines like a coil machine and still have the benefits of a rotary machine has been a vast challenge. Although the Stingray looks very similar to the Dragonfly it is a completely new type of tattoo machine with a Desmodromic roller cam system. The new cam system enables to create a needle motion that is perfect for lining and color packing.
Now with new X2 MAXON motor!

Input voltage: 0-13 volt DC (max. 13 volt DC)
Power connections: RCA or clipcord (max. clipcord end diam Ø1,6 mm)
Rpm range Stitches/sec: 0-8000rpm/min, 0-130/sec
Stroke length: 2,6-3,5mm depending on cam used
Suspension stroke (give): 0-2mm
Max. tube diam Ø: Ø8mm
Max. needle size: 50 magnum
Weight: 90 grams
Dimensions LxBxH: 95x21x77mm

Variety of colours: Evil black, Cyanide cyan, Blazing gold, Slime green

Ink Machines Stingray rotary: 150.000Ft
Only for order whit 2 weeks shipment deadline!
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