Intenze Products Tattoo Ink is the distillation of generations of tattoo artist’s experiences, preferences, and techniques into high performing tattoo ink for any style, image, or client. By merging secrets of artistic tradition with technological innovation and safety, top performing artists like Boris, Bob Tyrrell, and Mark Mahoney can create perfect inks for their unique methods of tattooing, enabling other artists to harness the power of those years of experience, and push their own tattoo work to remarkable levels.

Intenze single tattoo inks 30ml: 3.000Ft
Intenze single tattoo inks 60ml: 5.800Ft

Intenze Boris from Hungary color pigment series 30ml: 3.500Ft
Intenze Zuper Black 360ml: 15.000Ft
Mike Demasi color portrait tattoo inks 30ml: 3.500Ft

Intenze 101 color tattoo ink set 30ml (101pcs): 280.000Ft
Intenze 54 color tattoo ink set 60ml (54pcs): 280.000Ft

Boris from Hungary color pigment set 30ml (19pcs): 60.000Ft
Mike Demasi color portrait set 30ml (19pcs): 60.000Ft

All prices displayed exclude VAT