PIRANHA Revolution High Quality Tattoo Needels – Magnum

Our aim is to offer one of the best tattoo needles in the world. We have designed a new revolutionary concept based on:
100% Performance
Perfect Soldering
Technical Manual Support
Big Range Configuration
EO Gas Sterilization

Magnum Medium Taper 5 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 5.000Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 7 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 5.800Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 9 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 6.500Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 11 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 7.000Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 13 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 7.500Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 15 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 8.000Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 17 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 8.500Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 23 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 9.000Ft
Magnum Medium Taper 25 (Magnum1, 0,35mm) 50pcs: 9.500Ft

Magnum Long Taper 5 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 5.000Ft
Magnum Long Taper 7 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 5.800Ft
Magnum Long Taper 9 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 6.500Ft
Magnum Long Taper 11 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 7.000Ft
Magnum Long Taper 13 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 7.600Ft
Magnum Long Taper 15 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 8.000Ft
Magnum Long Taper 17 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 8.500Ft
Magnum Long Taper 23 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 9.000Ft
Magnum Long Taper 25 (Magnum1, 0.25-0,35mm) 50pcs: 9.500Ft

All prices displayed exclude VAT

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