Power supply, footswitch

Hand made power supplies. Regulated up to 3 Amper. Perfect for rotary tatto machines. Small and durable. 1 year guarantee.
Hand Made power supplies for one tattoo machine: 24.500Ft
Hand made power supplies for two tattoo machines: 33.500Ft

EIKON ES300 professional power supplies: 90.000Ft
EIKON EMS400 professional power supplies: 125.000Ft

CRITICAL CX1 Generation 2 power supplies: 80.000Ft
CRITICAL CX2 Generation 2 power supplies: 105.000Ft

Professional footswitch mini (stainless steel): 4.000Ft

Conventional footswitch (durable metal: 3.500Ft

Treadlite metal footswitch (made in USA): 12.000Ft

Professional footswitch (stainless steel): 5.000Ft

All prices displayed exclude VAT