Skin-caring, Aftercare

Tattoo Goo® tattoo after-cream (9.3 grams): 1.300Ft
Tattoo Goo® ttattoo after-cream (21.3 grams): 1.500Ft

Pegazus tattoo after-cream: 1.500Ft

Tattoo Finish skin healing support fluid 250ml: 10.000Ft

Tattoo Aftercare® tattoo after-cream 20ml: 1.300Ft

Hustle Butter Delux™ tattooing cream 7,5grams: 800Ft
Hustle Butter Delux™ tattooing cream 150grams: 6.500Ft

H2Ocean® tattoo aftercaring cream 75ml: 4.000Ft
H2Ocean® tattoo aftercaring foam 60ml: 4.000Ft

Spritzer ready for use skin cleaner liquid 500ml bottle with pump: 3.000Ft

Bactine® pain relieving cleansing spray 150ml: 6.000Ft
Bactine® pain relieving cleansing liquid 120ml: 5.000Ft

Witch Hazel (Hamemilas virigiana) 473ml: 2.900Ft

100% Pure Coconut oil 250grams: 1.200Ft

Vasocaine 5% lidocain painkiller spray 120ml: 10.990Ft

Suprasorb “F” tattoo protector film available in our store!
Two size available: 15x20cm 10pcs in a pocket and 15cm x 10 meters in a roller
Suprasorb “F” 15x20cm 10pcs: 8.000Ft
Suprasorb “F” 15cm x 10 meters: 25.000Ft

Dry Loc Pads tattoo protector pad (222x175mm) 1pc: 200Ft
Dry Loc Pads tattoo protector pad (222x175mm) 200pcs: 25.000Ft

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