Sterilisation, Hygiene

Sekusept Aktív (tool antiseptic) 1,5Kg: 6.500Ft

Bradoderm skin-desinfectant tincture 1000ml: 2.500Ft

Kodan skin-desinfectant tincture 1000ml: 3.500Ft

Manusept hand-desinfectant tincture 1000ml: 2.000Ft

Sterillium hand-desinfectant tincture 1000ml: 2.000Ft

Lotio HD plus hand-desinfectant soap 1000ml: 2.000Ft

Interface-desinfectant tinctures (Inno-Dez, Innocid) 1000ml: 2.500Ft

Wipack sterilisation foil with different sizes: 50-100Ft

Regular spatula 100pcs: 400Ft

Biohazard Needle trash-tank 1,5 Liters: 1.200Ft

Professional Safety-razor: 70Ft
Professional Safety-razor 100pcs: 6.000Ft

INNO-SEPT antibacterial soap 500ml with pump: 1.500Ft
INNO-SEPT Antibacterial soap 1000ml refiller: 2.500Ft

Intenze Tattoo Cleaner green soap (highly concentrate) 250ml: 5.000Ft

Super Foam green soap 250ml: 4.000Ft
Super Foam green soap concentrate 1000ml: 7.000Ft

Vazelin (250grams): 1.500Ft
Vazelin (350grams): 1.800Ft
Vazelin (1000grams): 2.800Ft

Ultrasonic Cleaner: 40.000Ft
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